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Mouth References by Miko-Noire
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Anonymous asked: say "bear" 97 times and you will become a bear


bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear 

You are becoming trickier! Your foolery! You fooled me excellently! You fooled me,I am experiencing negative side effects,however! I am not a bear! Get out of my homestead

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It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.

Gabriel García Márquez (RIP April 17, 2014)

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eventually you will become the hurricane
that I will shout safe words into
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Peruvian Ladies
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Handmade ceramic housewares and jewellery by Noe Marin

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let me die

on my bike

not underneath it

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You know why LGBT people have such a bad impression of Christians? It’s not because of protesters with “God hates fags” signs. We know they’re extremists. It’s because of daily being dehumanized by the Christians who lecture and preach at us, treating us as issues instead of as human beings—and because of the Christians we know who stand idly by, thinking that if they’re not actively hating us, that counts as loving us.

Crumbs from the Communion Table: You love gay people? That’s great. Prove it. (via azspot)

sitting at my grandpa’s funeral this past saturday, listening to the guy - a fellow pastor - my parents picked to do the eulogy. talking about how friendly my grandpa was and how he never had a bad word to say about anyone. for the most part this was true, but i had a sudden, incredibly vivid memory of him sitting with my dad and other grandpa on father’s day, stating that it was totally okay for salvation army to let trans people or people they thought were gay die out in the snow or starve.

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This must be the most beautiful DIY tutorial I have ever seen. And it so happens to be in style of this weekend. Found on Ulicam, a very nice blog by Ulrika Kestere, photographer and illustrator. For the whole tutorial and lot’s of inspiration, click here.

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I’ve never related to anything more

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